"Mrs. Fuentes gave me clear and precise instructions on how to advertise on my blog.  The information she shared with me is invaluable.  Since implementing a few simple tips, my blog traffic has increased by 50%. Mrs. Fuentes consulted with me via telephone and email.  The services I received was well worth the money I paid.  By the end of our time together, I knew exactly what to do to begin advertising. I highly recommend Wise Woman Consulting to any woman looking to work from home.  It is hard work, but effort and diligence will pay off in the end.  Wise Woman has successfully proven that making money from your blog is profitable and rewarding."

-  Jasmine C.


“Recently, I had the privilege of consulting with Mrs. June Fuentes about Like a Bubbling Brook. In only one hour’s time she had put the tools in my hands to increase not only my site’s pageviews, but its profit margin as well. I immediately implemented some of her suggestions and am reaping the benefits of it today. I highly recommend her and am blessed to count her not only as a blogging mentor, but as a dear friend. You will come away from your consulting session both inspired and empowered.”

-Jaime G.


Dear Miss June,

I just wanted to thank you formally for all the help that you have given me. That one hour on the phone has completely changed my blogging experience! You were very kind and thoughtful when speaking with me. Thank you again for your help and words of wisdom. I'm still blown away by how much more traffic I've had just by making a few simple changes! I never knew just changing the way my blog was laid out would bring more people in and keep them at my site longer! Thank you for encouraging me to advertise and seek people out to advertise on my blog. I'm hoping someday it will get there. I know it's a lot of hard work, but I'm up for the challenge. Thank you also for the reminder at the end, that our families come before our blogs! I would recommend your service to anyone who is just starting out blogging so they can really get the heads up as to what to do! Thank you again!

Gail H.


Dear Mrs. Fuentes,
I have been a subscriber of a “Wise Woman Builds Her Home…” for a while, and I admire you as a wife, mother, and teacher in your family. The posts you write of are just how I feel at the time, but cannot articulate into words. Because of the respect I have for you and the integrity you show as a writer, I was confident that I could look to you for advice in creating a better blog myself.
As a novice blogger, I am genuinely grateful for the time you spent consulting me on distinctive ways to build up my blog! You brought ideas to the table I would never have thought of on my own! When we scheduled out our phone calls, I was eager to hear what other wealth of information you had in store!
The information given to me through our consultations has proven its self worthy! Putting your ideas into action has definitely increased my traffic!
Thank you for your encouragement and prayers. Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to help a fellow mom, wife, and teacher get her blog off the ground and get noticed!
Your heart’s desire to help women succeed shows through the sincere guidance you give!
Thank you!
In Christ,
Stephanie H.


My experience with Wise Woman Consulting was both encouraging and educational.

Mrs. Fuentes was well prepared, providing specific ideas which could be implemented immediately. I enjoyed her warm approachability and appreciated speaking with someone who has a biblical perspective and desires to please God and keep the family as first priority.

Gracious and kind, June explains how to earn money through blogging in an easy to understand way.  After our conversation I felt that bringing in income through my blog was now a true possibility.

-Stacy K.


Dear Mrs. Fuentes,

Thank you so much for the consultation last week it was very helpful, and extremely informative! I have applied a few of the things that we have talked about to my blog, and it's exciting to watch my blog grow. Thank you so much you have been such a huge help, and I would totally recommend this to anyone :)

Thanks so much again!

Amber R.

(Several more coming soon!)

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